IIICTECH to Unveil Revolutionary Encryption Method


IIICTECH, the scrappy tech-startup behind the original BLINK™ brand & WINK, the free app ending over drafts, is slated to reveal it’s latest innovation Fall 2013, LLE ™ (Logic Lock Encryption ™).


Despite months of legal-wrangling with Google & Microsoft over trademark infringementof it’s BLINK brand name, IIICTECH Founder & CEO, Matthew Irwin is preparing for a no-holds barred offense.

“With bleak prospects of launching WINK or BLINK unimpeded by the unscrupulous actions of two tech-behemoths (Google & Microsoft), we are headed into new & never before charted technological waters. We’ve an innovation that will be eventually duplicated. We’re okay with that… IIICTECH has been copied before. Leading our industry comes with certain challenges. Copy-cats being one of them.”

Rest assured this time, there will be no denying who was first to introduce LLE.

“What excites us most is how this is an entirely new paradigm for securing, protecting and defending against even the most sophisticated, nation-state strength spying, system penetration & hacking techniques.”

Exclusively designed to harness the unprecedented advances in mobile platform technologies & the fundamentals of physics, LLE  will give privacy back to the world in a time when it’s needed most.

Based on the fundamentals of physics & developed over the last half decade… we are so very eager to share with the world what will inevitably become a new standard for encryption for many, many more to come.

“Logic Lock Encryption provides an entirely unreachable height & level of protection for user data, never before seen on modern computing devices… The future is this way.”

Official details, launch site & specs to come.


2 thoughts on “IIICTECH to Unveil Revolutionary Encryption Method

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