Thoughts Become Things & Release Untold Abilities

DarkRide, ShineOn

Scientific American pushes meaningful research of the mind forward. Leading psychologists/doctors substantiated an idea with hard facts…  people have significant psychological resources to improve their well-being & performance. However, these resources often go unused & could be better harnessed.

The mind and body are not separate; our thoughts have remarkable control over our bodies; & our mindsets are capable of improving our brains’ performance.

We can choose to adopt a mindset that improves creativity, for instance. People who think of categories as flexible and actively focus on the novel aspects of the environment become more creative.

We tend to believe that an essentially mechanical process determines how well we see. It is a common belief that fighter pilots have very good vision. The researchers put people in the mindset of an Air Force pilot by bringing them into a flight simulator. People’s vision improved only if they were in the working simulator. | Read The Complete Scientific American Story


Key IdeasPlacebo Enhances Cognition | Psychologists Ulrich Weger & Stephen Loughnan


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