German Security Officials Warn Against Using Windows 8

Federal Office For Information Security | Germany

Supposedly, Microsoft has built fundamental violations of trust into their products. It’s called Trust Platform Module (TPM2.0).

While we all know Windows Update has no straight forward logic behind it because it requires checking 7+ Turn Updates Off check boxes in half a dozen different control panel menus. Why? Because MS wants to keep tabs… only if users say it’s okay. After all you can’t even boot up or launch a Windows OS or native application without an alert testing your resolve. After awhile, don’t we all simply click until we get back to where we were interrupted.

According to reports an updated trust management service built into Windows 8 has a little change… it can’t be turned off… and the moment you boot up, it allows Microsoft complete control over the operating system & renders privacy obsolete. The user is none the wiser since there are no outward signs of activity.

Mind you, this isn’t a vulnerability. As tech-savvy professionals we need no more gaps in security. No really, lets get serious! How on earth can people stand by while privacy & the keys to the castle are handed over to anyone who has the most power, authority & punishing consequence to throw around? Easy. It’s called, ‘Merica. The majority of folks are typically asleep to these types of threats, not for much longer. 

Zeit Online Article

Orson Welles warned us about this. It’s a telling sign of the times when security alerts concerning products made by a US tech giant emerge from German Federal Authorities, not US counterparts. Officials will no doubt release similar warnings & claim their efforts only overshadowed, & actually planned all along.

Read The Full Zeit Online Story | Download Press Release 


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