Big, Bright, Future | Wolfram Language

If you’ve ever used a card catalogue, you know the giant clunky thing that used to call the library home, you can appreciate digital database technology. Now imagine information organized in a fashion that it mattered not the style of how you asked. Well, it’s already here. 



Wolfram Alpha is a powerful tool for learning and discovery. It made the world’s knowledge computable. If you’re asking yourself, “Why haven’t I heard of Wolfram Alpha?” It’s probably because it makes Google Search a bit less wonderful. It does dynamic computations based on a vast collection of built-in data, algorithms & methods. Learn more about what Wolfram Alpha can do & watch the introduction video. This tool changed the kinds of questions I personally was able to ask.

Creator of Wolfram Alpha, Stephen Wolfram, announced yesterday his company is about to reveal something huge. He’s said, “It’s the most important technology project yet.” And I believe him. 

They’ve figured out how to take: computational knowledge, symbolic programming, algorithm automation, dynamic interactivity, natural language, computable documents, the cloud, connected devices, symbolic ontology & algorithm discovery…  and all the technology they’ve built & create something at a whole different level. The power of what is emerging continues to surprise even Stephen. But it’s clear that whatever they’re working on, it’s going to be profoundly important in the technological world, and beyond.

As a society, as we use technology we form a kind of global brain with all our interconnected computers and devices. Then the Wolfram Language is the natural language for it. Symbolically representing both the world and what can be created computationally. And, conveniently enough, being efficient and understandable for both computers and humans.

Just as the lines between data, content and code blur, so too will the lines between programming and mere input. Everything will become instantly programmable—by a very wide range of people, either by using the Wolfram Language directly, or by using free-form natural language. 

Imagine being able to program in a natural way without the confusion and technicality. Well, it’s coming.  |  Read More About What’s Coming 



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