Will the latest advance in liquid scanning enhance airport security & benefit passengers? 

Los Alamos scientists announced the evolution of  Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) technology for screening liquids at airport security checkpoints. By adding low-power X-ray data to the mix of MRI data they’ve unlocked a new detection technology specifically geared towards profiling liquids for potential threats.

Researchers estimate within four years air travelers will no longer be required to endure the hassle of removing liquids from luggage at checkpoints prior to boarding flights which will save time & no doubt be more convenient.

“I am amazed at how good it works. We’ve been able to look at a really broad class of explosives, we’ve been able to look through all kinds of packaging, and we’ve unlocked a new parameter – proton content – that’s not available to either X-ray or MRI alone.” –Michelle Espy, MagRay Engineer at Los Alamos National Laboratory 

Funding for this new technology called, MagRay, came in part from The Department of Homeland Security’s Science & Technology Directorate & private industry partners.

Watch The Los Alamos Concept Introduction Film   |   Read the Official Web Announcement 


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