Global Corporate Surveillance Reform | Website

This week, Google, Facebook, & their pals released a new web site, Reform Government Surveillancecalling on governments to rein in their surveillance efforts. 

While this is a positive move in general, I find it highly hypocritical that it’s the business models of many of these companies that facilitated the scale and ease of the spying in the first place. They also conveniently forgot to mention that they have been surveilling their users for ages and that many have built their businesses on doing just that.


Although with corporate surveillance it may appear that we have a choice, many of these services are actually becoming essential to our lives. Essential to taking part in modern society. And if all of our alternatives share the same business model, what real choice are we left with?

So, Aral Balkan, Founder of IndiePhone decided to point out these little oversights by making a parody site: Reform Corporate Surveillance. It is intended to help expose the hypocrisy of these companies and the need for viable open alternatives that can compete with them.

To learn more about the dangers of corporate surveillance and the ‘free’ business model, as well as the motivations behind experience-driven open source, indie data, and Indie Phone, watch Aral’s talk on Digital Feudalism and How to Avoid It.



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