Nano-tech Contact Lens Display Rival Google Glass

Nano-tech contact lenses that work with a pair of glasses and provide wearers with a virtual canvas on which any media can be viewed or application run, projected onto human eyes, are set to be unveiled in the US.

The contact lens enhances vision and enables wearers to better visualize their digital world. It allows light from the display to pass through the center of the pupil, and light from the surrounding environment to pass through the outer portion of the pupil. iOptik has been quoted as saying that the contact lenses could generate displays with a screen size equivalent to a 240-inch television, viewed at a distance of 10 feet.”


The high-tech contact lens is due to be previewed at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next week, becoming a rival to “wearable computing” Google Glass, the futuristic glasses that can shoot video or photos literally with a wink of an eye.

The platform, dubbed “iOptik,” is the brainchild of Washington-based group Innovega, whose breakthrough eyewear system is comprised of two key elements: flat-panels or micro-projectors that are integrated into eyeglasses that provide a gateway for any available media; and iOptik contact lenses that not only deliver a view of near-eye rich media, but given that one in two humans require some form of vision correction an improved view of the environment as well.


The contact lenses can be worn in the usual fashion, with or without the Innovega eyewear. When the eyeglasses, fitted with micro-projectors, are worn, any media can be instantly streamed onto a transparent lens, and the wearer’s view of their surroundings is not hampered in any way.

iOptik contact lens-based approach to future display syncs with Android smartphones and, according to sources, will be able to allow developers to design specific tools for any devices in which the iOptik system could be used. The system will deliver high-performance imagery from compact eyewear by eliminating all the usual magnifying optics from digital eyewear and integrating them into a nano-tech contact lens.

Learn More About iOptik  |  Read The Original RT Report


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