Google Contact Lens | Ten Days Later

Google is becoming known for chasing after the innovations of more forward-thinking-tech-mavens. 

Image Credit: Google, Inc.

Ten days ago we here at L@FB told you about iOptik. Apparently, mentioning Google in your press release gets your tech-startup squashed. Speaking from experience, a member of our editorial team (who shall go unnamed) mentioned Google trying to kill the password in a press release for his startups’ new smart wearable authentication device. Then Google decided to rename an unrelated open-source project (WebKit) by the exact same name, BLINKGo figure.

Google has seemingly done it again. Well, almost. iOptik announced a contact lens based display system and ten days later… suddenly, Google has one too.  Is this simply an aggressive business strategy or perhaps anti-competitive business maneuvers? What’s the difference? In the Google introduction they openly state they haven’t even started yet… “we thought this project was worth a shot.”

“Hey, Google – Two times is a coincidence… three times is a trend.”


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