Microsoft Uncovers Secret Windows Backdoor | Remote Program Removal

At once tens of millions of Windows computers woke up late August last year. A secret & instant mass download of the identity obscuring, privacy-driven web browser, TOR,

Eventually, it was clear, to at least Microsoft this event & all those computers were controlled by a nonhuman. SkyNet? Judgement Day? Not quite. 

ImageMillions of virtual zombies staggered through the web with. These Windows machines running TOR then began mining the virtual currecy BitCoin all without being detected.

Who or what was installing programs deep within millions of Windows machines undetected?

Jacob Applebaum of Tor took the stage at The 30th Chaos Communication Congress in Hamburg December 27 last year & shared details of the incident.

His fear? Microsoft’s ability to remotely rip pieces out of its OS. At will.

Get More Details About This Threat   |  The FastCoLabs 

Straight From The Horses’ Moutn  |  Microsoft Malware Protection Center


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