One Plan to Stop NSA Spying

Spy vs Spy_Water Electricity

New, quietly installed NSA equipment came online across Maryland in August of 2006 minus careful consideration by the intelligence community.

In the pre-Snowden era of the day, six years before a whistleblower would expose US sponsored mass data-collection, the installation remained a closely guarded secret.

Insiders predicted it would drain the Baltimore-area energy supply. Overburdened infrastructure at a minimum would simply fail. The new power-hungry intelligence gathering hardware ultimately led to disruptions, outages & surges.

The achilles heel of the NSA is energy. Both electricity & water.

Delivery of electricity & water utilities is a local affair. A massive amount of water is required to cool all the NSA hardware scattered about. Thus, if local governance interferes with the delivery of these two vital building blocks, the NSA hasn’t a leg to stand on.

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