Armatix iP1  |   A Weapon James Bond Would Carry

The German-made smart gun boasts a secret weapon– a new technology…  one that means it can only be fired only if the user is wearing a special watch is now on sale in the US. Many industry insiders and supporters say this will revolutionize the gun industry. The new weapons’ release comes amid widespread push for increased control on weapons.

How does it work? It uses RFID chips, which can also be found on anti-theft tags attached to expensive clothing.

The watch & weapon have electronic chips inside which communicate with each other. Activated by a pin number the watch authenticates the user if close to the weapon… then a light on the grip turns green and the gun can then be fired. This prevents use if & when it falls into the wrong hands & is seen as a landmark move to reduce gun violence.

Specs | .22-caliber pistol • $1,399 •  Called, “iP1”


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