Food Labeling Redesign by FDA

A lot has changed in the American diet since the Nutrition Facts label was introduced in 1993 to provide important nutritional information on food packages.


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) proposes bringing this familiar rectangular box—which has become one of the most recognized graphics in the world—up to date with changes to its design and food label

The primary goal of the proposed changes to the Nutrition Facts label is not to tell people what they should be eating, but to expand and highlight the information they most need when making food choices. For people with certain health issues, the information can be particularly valuable. It’s all about providing information that people can use to make their own choices.

What’s Different?

• Larger and bolder type—on calories.

• Added Sugars now on the label.

Calories From Fat no longer listed.

Number of Servings Per Package more prominently listed.

• Potassium & Vitamin D content.

For more information about these and many other changes, including more detailed descriptions and rationale… visit the consumer updates and information homepage. 


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