Tank Integration of Oculus Rift


Oculus Rift is seemingly everywhere after Mark Zuckerberg snatched up the up and coming virtual reality hardware/software startup in last March. What’s surprising is the buzz and continued excitement from the developers creating, testing, designing and applying the tech to the world around us.

Descriptions of the Oculus Rift user experience sound like a transformative moment for uninitiated.

Is it strange the military would seize the chance to integrate the innovative display into the weapons & business of waging war. However strange it may be to consider the innovation is already being weapon zed… it’s rather surprising when you find out it’s not the US military on the cutting edge.

Norwegian Armed Forces stationed in Oslo, Norway redefine what gaming gear can do… especially if you’re combining a cannon, tons of armor & few amiable comrades ready try out Oculus Rift.  |  Watch Oculus meet a tank below. 




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