Van Gogh’s Reconstructed Ear

Artist Regrew Ear With DNA Sample

Artist regrows Van Gogh's ear using his DNA
The piece is called Sugababe (evidently not directly related to the 80s english-pop-music-girl-group by the same name).

Artist Diemut Strebe made a living replica of Vincent van Gogh’s ear, grown from genetic samples provided by Lieuwe van Gogh, the great-great-grandson of Vincent’s brother Theo. They share about 1/16th of the same genes, including the Y-chromosome, passed down the male lineage. Vincent van Gogh probably represents more than any other artist the stereotypical romantic image of the artist as a genius. Even some positions in theory of art tend to a certain mystification of artistic creativity compared to any other form of human innovations.
The ear is grown from tissue engineered cartilage and is identical in shape to van Gogh’s ear by using computer imaging technology. It is composed of living cells that contain natural genetic information about him as well as engineered components, replicating in the ear as a living art-piece.

Artist regrows Van Gogh's ear using his DNA

  The ear actually hears, thanks to a microphone system connected to a computer which generates nerve impulses from the sound signals in real time. You can even talk to the ear. The input sound is processed by a computer using software that converts it to simulate nerve impulses in real time. The speaker remains in soliloquy. The crackling sound that is produced is used to outline absence instead of presence.

Artist regrows Van Gogh's ear using his DNA

Artist regrows Van Gogh's ear using his DNA

Learn More About The Exhibit Featuring Van Gogh’s Regrown Ear Titled   |  Diemut Strebe: Sugababe   |


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