Introducing Tweet-A-Program


If you’ve not yet heard of the Wolfram Language yet, take it from those of us here at LUVatFIRSTbyte… a little code can go a long way. We’re still rather obsessed with Wolfram Alpha & eager to learn if hacksmiths are going to accept & how they will integrate the newly introduced Wolfram Language Tweet-a-Program.

Thanks to Stephen Wolfram pictured above you may now compose a tweet-length Wolfram Language Program by simply tweeting it to @WolframTaP. Wolfram’s Twitter bot will run your program in the Wolfram Cloud & tweet back the result. Neat, but not that cool… yet. It’s only a matter of time until this nifty-innovation to the application programming process changes things in a big way.

Tweets in an ordinary human language are (presumably) intended to have some effect on the mind of whoever reads them. But the effect may be different on different minds, and it’s usually hard to know exactly what it is. But tweets in the Wolfram Language have a well-defined effect—which you see when they’re run.

Just like with an ordinary language, there are language arts for the Wolfram Language. There’s reading & comprehension. And there’s writing and composition. Always with lots of ways to express something, but now with a precise notion of correctness, as well as all sorts of measures like speed of execution.

As well, like with ordinary human language, there’s also the matter of elegance. One can look at both meaning & presentation. You may even think of distilling the essence of things to create a kind of “code poetry”. Yes, you read that correctly… Code Poetry.

To develop & test programs for Tweet-a-Program, you can log in free to the Wolfram Programming Cloud, or use any other Wolfram Language system, on the desktop or in the cloud.

Check out some details here


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