BREACH ALERT: Yahoo! & WinZip Totally Hacked


Yahoo! has been penetrated & all your information (including email) is now in danger! 

This document stands to serve as a technical explanation as well as detailed overview of the breach. According to Jonathan Hall, President & Senior Engineer of Future South Technologies, Romanian hackers are currently working on further infiltrating the Yahoo! Network, & also infiltrated &

Hall notified both Yahoo! & the FBI New Orleans field office of the infiltration, but in his eyes, they really aren’t seeing the severity & danger of this situation. He contends they, “Really are not reacting quick enough.”


Without hesitation he presents a technical synopsis of the bash vulnerability dubbed “Shellshock,” & reveals the true impact – which should stand to serve as an end-all to the debate over the severity of this breach.

If you follow tech news you may know how many down-play the severity of Shellshock by saying it’s only a concern if certain conditions are met, i.e. “vulnerable” cgi scripts exist. Hall sets the record straight once & for all. “Those who say that are ignorant, lazy and apparently lack the ability to think in any way, shape or form outside of the box,” Hall reports.

All stemming from them not keeping up with technology & failing to patch a world-known vulnerability!

The danger of this vulnerability does not simply stop at the possibility of someone running bot code or DDoS clients on your server. Ten years ago, Hall was a self-proclaimed “hacker,” as you might call it, & admits being accused of computer crimes. Back then, he didn’t notify the vendors of the vulnerabilities. He confirms installing LKM rootkits just as Romanian hackers have done today. It’s a gold mine of epic proportion. Underplaying the severity of this would seriously not be a wise decision. This stands to serve as a stepping stone for a much much bigger attack, which Hall “promises could be successfully pulled off.”

Read The Technical Breakdown From Future South Technologies


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