NSA To Stop Spying: Sort Of


The National Security Agency has determined access to historical metadata of millions of Americans collected under Section 215 of the USA PATRIOT Act… which means any data collected before November 29, 2015… will cease November 29, 2015.

No real legitimate debate, public court proceedings to hold accountable those who authorized Section 215 have taken place. Quarreling over the right ‘balance’ between security & privacy has over shadowed the real issue. Pundits, politicians & every person posting with such passion about patriotism on Facebook pages… seem to be missing the point almost entirely.

Call me crazy… but this seems a bit nuts. It seems something is amiss here. Was Section 215 ever really effective… because we now know it certainly wasn’t legal? I thought this type of spying on Americans… the collection of private data, metadata & often times much, much more… was the lynch pin of US National Security Strategy?! It wasn’t keeping terrorists at bay. If the wide-spread invasion of privacy… robbing The People of liberty… is the only way to prevent catastrophe or imminent attack… perhaps more than Section 215 should cease come November 29th.

| Read the entire statement by the Office of The Director of National Intelligence on Retention of Data Collected Under Section 215 of the USA PATRIOT Act.


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