Turing Phone Finds Home: Finland

Turing Phone

California-based secure smartphone manufacturer Turing Robotics Industries (TRI) has announced that it will move manufacturing and its new global headquarters to the Finnish city of Salo.


Reported by TechCrunch… Turing’s decision is rooted in security concerns:

“Finland’s Act on the Protection of Privacy in Electronic Communications which safeguards confidentiality and privacy in telecommunications was the main reason behind TRI’s move to Finland,” the CEO of Turing Robotics, Steve Chao, said to TechCrunch. “To ensure complete data security and privacy for TRI’s Turing Phone owners, TRI moved its manufacturing operations to Salo, a city with an impeccable history in mobile phone production.”

TRI will start the production of the first Turing phone, that has been funded through crowdfunding, in April. According to TRI, they will be recruiting 270 local employees to perform both software and hardware testing, flashing and assembly. TRI has plans to ramp up production of the Turing Phone series to over 300 000 units in the year 2016.

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