Facebook Drone Crash Under NTSB Investigation


Aquila, Facebook’s ambitious drone that could bring high-speed internet to remote parts of the world, is being investigated by a government agency for an accident that took place during a test flight in June.


The social media giant downplayed this “structural failure” in the aftermath of the initial test, and did not disclose that they were being investigated.facebook-has-said-internet-speeds-from-its-aquila-drone-will-be-similar-to-what-youd-find-over-fib-png

Bloomberg reports that the National Transportation Safety Board has been engaged in a previously undisclosed investigation into the accident, which took place as the done was landing on the morning of June 28.

The unmanned drone, which has a wingspan wider than a Boeing Co. 737, suffered a “structural failure” as it was coming in for a landing after an otherwise successful test. The NTSB as classified the incident as an accident, which means the damage was “substantial,” according to Bloomberg. There were no injuries on the ground.


Neither Facebook nor the NTSB have released further details about the accident.

With the exception of half a sentence in the eighth paragraph of a post on Facebook’s engineering blog in July, the company didn’t address this failure. Mark Zuckerberg was exclusively positive when he wrote about the test on his blog in July. Facebook didn’t disclose the NTSB investigation, nor did anyone at the company mention the extent of the damage in multiple interviews, according to The Verge.

Aquila certainly seems like a noble endeavor, and it’s understandable (if more than a little shady) that Facebook would want to focus on the positive aspects of the test rather than a crash landing. But, as we’re learning, you can’t always believe what you read on Facebook.



One Plan to Stop NSA Spying

Spy vs Spy_Water Electricity

New, quietly installed NSA equipment came online across Maryland in August of 2006 minus careful consideration by the intelligence community.

In the pre-Snowden era of the day, six years before a whistleblower would expose US sponsored mass data-collection, the installation remained a closely guarded secret.

Insiders predicted it would drain the Baltimore-area energy supply. Overburdened infrastructure at a minimum would simply fail. The new power-hungry intelligence gathering hardware ultimately led to disruptions, outages & surges.

The achilles heel of the NSA is energy. Both electricity & water.

Delivery of electricity & water utilities is a local affair. A massive amount of water is required to cool all the NSA hardware scattered about. Thus, if local governance interferes with the delivery of these two vital building blocks, the NSA hasn’t a leg to stand on.

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